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Nach den starken Erdbeben kommt Italien nicht zur Ruhe: Jetzt wütete ein Tornado nördlich der Hauptstadt. Zwei Menschen starben. – Videos. In Italien sind zwei Menschen durch einen Tornado ums Leben gekommen. Zudem werden am Montag in mehreren Regionen des Landes. In der Nähe von Rom wütete sogar ein Tornado. Eine Frau starb in ihrem Auto, das von starkem Wind erfasst und in einen Kanal geschleudert. Ein Tornado hat die Badegäste am Strand von Ostia bei Rom überrascht und zehn Menschen verletzt. Die Natur in Mittelitalien kommt nicht zur Ruhe: Erst am Donnerstag bebte in Italien noch die Erde, jetzt wurde die Küste nördlich von Rom von.

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In Italien sind zwei Menschen durch einen Tornado ums Leben gekommen. Zudem werden am Montag in mehreren Regionen des Landes. Die Natur in Mittelitalien kommt nicht zur Ruhe: Erst am Donnerstag bebte in Italien noch die Erde, jetzt wurde die Küste nördlich von Rom von. Nach den starken Erdbeben kommt Italien nicht zur Ruhe: Jetzt wütete ein Tornado nördlich der Hauptstadt. Zwei Menschen starben. – Videos.

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Registrierung wird geprüft Mobile ClaГџic bitten um einen Moment Geduld, bis die Aktivierung abgeschlossen ist. ZDFheute Startseite. Historisches Bild Fan werden Folgen. Für Kritik oder Anregungen füllen Sie bitte die nachfolgenden Felder aus. Der gewählte Anzeigename ist nicht zulässig. Sie sind angemeldet. Rom - Bei einem Tornado an der Küste nördlich von Rom sind zwei Menschen ums Leben gekommen. Wie ein Sprecher des italienischen. Eine Jährige verunglückte in der Nacht zum Sonntag nahe dem Flughafen in Rom, als ihr Auto von einem Mini-Tornado erfasst und gegen.

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Farnborough , Hampshire , England , UK. Widest known British tornado. Portsmouth , Hampshire , England , UK. Perhaps strongest British tornado.

A small outbreak produced 3 tornadoes in France, the Netherlands and Germany. Sicily , Kingdom of Sicily. Among deadliest European tornadoes.

One of them was the deadliest tornado in Poland. Palazzolo dello Stella , Italy. Grosseto, Rocca Tederighi , Italy. Detailed scientific description by Gregor Mendel.

Catania , Italy. A strong tornado F3 destroyed many town around Catania, and part of the city. A F3 tornado struck Madrid.

It is the deadliest Spanish tornado of the last two centuries. Carabanchel [15]. North Rhineland , Germany.

Tornado outbreak over central Germany. Croatia , Austria-Hungary. Strongest known tornado in Croatia. Large multivortex F4 twin-tornado struck the southern part of Novska village and nearby woods.

At least trees were destroyed in its path. A train was derailed, one train wagon 14 t was lifted at least 6 m in the air and thrown 30 meters onto a field.

Average width of the tornado was m, with the maximum width exceeding 1. Badalona , Catalonia , Spain. Polesella , Veneto , Italy.

The Paris tornado of 10 September is the only documented case of a tornado forming and dissipating within an urban area in France.

A tornado outbreak produced 5 tornadoes over central Germany. The first tornado hit Gelsenkirchen in contemporary with a strong tornado that destroyed a factory and some houses killing 3 people and injuring 4.

Oria, Apulia , Italy. Some houses were destroyed and other buildings were severely damaged. Cologne , Germany. A violent tornado struck the city of Cologne.

The tornado caused heavy damage and was classified as F4. They killed over people and wounded over Details unknown.

Opladen, Germany. Germany , Czech Republic and Austria. Tornado outbreak over Central Europe. Lower Saxony, Germany. Tornado outbreaks over Germany, with 12 tornadoes, causing severe damage.

Lombardy , Italy. The tornado completely destroyed many homes in Busto Arsizio, Solaro, and Saronno killing 36 people and injuring another 50, becoming one of the most destructive Italian tornadoes.

Plochingen , Germany. On the same day 2 other tornadoes touched down in Germany, 1 F1 in Nürtingen and 1 in the Taunus region.

Possibly deadliest British tornadic supercell. Itzgrund , Bavaria - Germany. On the same day an F2 tornado struck Greiz.

Wiener Neustadt , Vienna , Austria. This F4 tornado was the deadliest and strongest tornado in Austria. Small outbreak over the northern part of Germany with 1 F3 tornado that struck Bargteheide , 5 F2 tornadoes that caused 3 injuries and 3 F1 tornadoes.

A strong F4 long-track tornado killed 6 people near Budapest. Several villages were razed to the ground and an F5 intensity was suspected but according to windspeed it should be an F4.

An F3 tornado struck the city of Nice damaging the city for 4. Netherlands , Germany and Czech Republic.

A powerful tornado struck the town of Borculo with several houses destroyed nearly to its foundation walls F4 and also the church was seriously damaged.

Another tornado F3 killed 1 in Germany in Uetersen injuring another Strong tornadoes over Netherlands and Germany, with 1 tornado near the F5 category in Neede that killed 7 people and another one near Vrees in Germany were 10 people were injured by an F4 tornado.

At One farmer, who was driving a dray, was picked up into the air along with his horse and load of logs and chips and thrown away to a distance.

He died two hours later. The tornado threw off a loaded train from the trackbed embankment on the construction site of the Asipovichy-Mahilyow railway line.

The observers noted the rotation of the parent cloud. The phenomenon was accompanied by a thunderstorm and torrential rain. An F1 tornado struck Hirnsdorf damaging some trees and roofs.

Montello , Veneto , and Friuli in Italy. This is the strongest tornado in Europe together with the Montville tornado in France which was very similar in power.

The event lasted a total of 84 minutes, but perhaps this was not the only event of the day. A strong F3 tornado struck the suburbs of Birmingham killing 1 woman and injuring many other people.

F4 tornado, strongest one in Finland. A strong tornado struck the city of Kyrenia causing the collapse of the church tower and the roof of a school killing 3 children.

On the same day an F3 tornado struck Hamm Sieg. A violent tornado struck Wiepkenhagen Mecklenburg-Vorpommern causing severe damage like an F4 tornado.

Apulia — Italy. A strong tornado hit Nürnberg city area destroying 40 homes, killing 4 people and injuring 11 others.

Another strong tornado caused damage from Auerbach up to Grafenwöhr killing a year-old boy by falling debris. Three other F1 tornadoes were documented on the same day.

Gelderland — Friesland , Netherlands. Strongest recorded tornado in Netherlands, F5 damage [ citation needed ] in 50 kilometre long path in Veluwe forest.

Lower Saxony , Germany. A strong and multivortex tornado, [29] accompanied by rain and hail swept through the Khimki district.

The village of Skhodnya suffered the most, where a wooden railway platform was overturned. A F1 tornado struck the centre of Turin, causing considerable damage and the collapse of part of the roof of the Mole.

A Strong F3 tornado struck the town of Castelo Branco causing extreme damage to the city, killing 5 people and injuring others.

In total there was 1 F3 tornado, 4 F1 tornadoes and 2 F0 tornadoes. Naro-Fominsk - Russia. Robecco Pavese , Italy. A violent tornado struck the villages of Argine, Robecco Pavese and Vallescuropasso causing severe damage.

The tornado was an F4 tornado, but at some point it made F5 damage. This is the second most violent tornado ever to hit the country.

Rawa Mazowiecka and Nowe Miasto in Poland. Poland and Ukraine. Tornado outbreak over south Poland and north Ukraine with 8 tornadoes.

A light tornado outbreak over the south part of England with 13 tornadoes over a 2-day period. Both tornadoes caused extensive damage.

Germany and Austria. All the tornadoes were classified as F1. They caused severe damage near Hamburg, while an F1 tornado struck Innsbruck producing large hail and killing 1 person.

Pomezia , Italy. A powerful F3 tornado struck Holstebro in Denmark causing devastating damage. More than houses badly damaged or destroyed making this event the most devastating tornado in Denmark's history.

Maybe the tornado was a low F4. It was classified as an F2 tornado. The other 2 tornadoes struck Mellendorf and Schessinghausen.

Maybe this tornado was a strong F3. On this day several more tornadoes were produced over the Po Valley.

France — Netherlands — Belgium. Violent tornado outbreak with 10 tornadoes that swept over France 5 Belgium 1 and the Netherlands 2.

In France an F5 tornado destroyed the town of Palluel killing 6 people. Shortly after an F4 destroyed Pommereuil killing 2 other people. In the Netherlands 2 F3 tornadoes caused the deaths of seven people, one of these reached F3 strength.

In total there were 1 F2, 4 F3, 1 F4 and 1 F5 tornadoes. A long-track F3 tornado struck Uberach and other villages in France, in Alsace region, causing 3 injuries.

A powerful tornado outbreak produced 3 F2 and 1 F1 tornadoes across Belarus. The strongest one struck Svetlahorsk Gomel Region. Waterspouts probably tornadic came ashore.

A violent tornado invests the outskirts of Padua and Venice causing heavy damage and killing 36 people. Helena when the tornado hit.

An F4 tornado struck La Rochelle traveling for 2. A powerful F4 tornado struck Bois d'Amont and L'Abbaye causing severe damage to houses, cars and completely destroying sections of forests.

The path of the storm is similar to the path of the F4 tornado. An F3 tornado struck Kiel killing 1 person and injuring 13 others. Friesland , Netherlands.

South-East of the village Dubenki, about suddenly formed a F3 tornado. All buildings in the path of the tornado were severely damaged. Crossing the Volga, in the port of Spit of Nizhny Novgorod tornado dropped a ton crane into the river, tore off the hatch covers of a cargo steamer standing in the port, scattered the goods prepared for shipment.

After the tornado, a squally wind swept through the city. A major outbreak struck parts of Eastern Germany with one violent F4 tornado near Bad Liebenwerda Brandenburg where harvesters were sent flying.

A camp site was severely damaged with some fatalities. The tornadoes were classified as F1-F2 strength. North Brabant , Netherlands.

Largest known European outbreak [3] though predominately weak tornadoes. France and Belgium. Possibly the strongest tornado event in Belgium.

The most deadly tornado outbreak in Russia.

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Bitte stimme unserer Datenschutzerklärung zu. Deine Registrierung ist leider fehlgeschlagen. In Bayerns Abwehr gibt es jetzt einen Vierkampf Mein Benutzerkonto Jetzt Abmelden. Corona-Schäden: Wirte wollen Freistaat verklagen 7. Lesen Sie hier mehr Meldungen und Geschichten aus Panorama.

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