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TV-Kritik/Review: The Last Kingdom. Gelungener Blick in die Vorgeschichte Großbritanniens - von Gian-Philip Andreas (). neueste Meldung: "​Fargo". The Last Kingdom Kritik: Rezensionen, Meinungen und die neuesten User-​Kommentare zu The Last Kingdom. Ich liebe die Serie und für die funktioniert es. Das muss aber ja nicht für „The Last Kingdom“ stimmen. Damenwahl. Als Erstes ein böses. The Last Kingdom Review - Wie gut die Serie ist, erfahrt ihr in der Review auf - Autor: luhp The Last Kingdom: Alle Reviews. Hier findet Ihr sämtliche Kritiken, die wir bislang zu der Serie «The Last Kingdom» verfasst haben. Außerdem könnt Ihr Eure.

The Last Kingdom Review

Ich liebe die Serie und für die funktioniert es. Das muss aber ja nicht für „The Last Kingdom“ stimmen. Damenwahl. Als Erstes ein böses. TV-Kritik/Review: The Last Kingdom. Gelungener Blick in die Vorgeschichte Großbritanniens - von Gian-Philip Andreas (). neueste Meldung: "​Fargo". The Last Kingdom: Alle Reviews. Hier findet Ihr sämtliche Kritiken, die wir bislang zu der Serie «The Last Kingdom» verfasst haben. Außerdem könnt Ihr Eure.

User Score. Write a Review. User Reviews. SeniorG May 8, A series that gets better and better with each and every season.

This show far surpasses Vikings and Game of Thrones in both it's consistency and it's depth of characters. Action is enjoyable, dialogue is enthralling.

You can actually feel yourself become a part of the show as you are A series that gets better and better with each and every season.

You can actually feel yourself become a part of the show as you are watching it. One of the only shows to have that effect on me was Narcos.

Can't wait for S5. This show keeps better and better each season. May not be as glossy as GoT or Vikings, but the story is superb.

Hitting hard from the first episode to the last, never-ending conflict, ups and downs that keep you glued. Season 4 was awesome, one of the best if not the best historical medieval This show keeps better and better each season.

Season 4 was awesome, one of the best if not the best historical medieval series on Netflix. Can't wait another year for season 5. AnnualLeopard May 28, This review contains spoilers , click expand to view.

This show offers some of the best characters and storytelling I have seen on TV. There is motivation behind every action the characters take and an easy narrative to follow.

ErnaniRosas Mar 3, Bernard Cornwell Excellent cast and very good soundtrack. Cpthurley Apr 25, Kalamir Dec 20, It is hard to adapt the book so that it is faithful, a little different and just as good as the original.

The first season had a lot of changes due to the budget. The other had more momentum! The third had the courage to make changes that eventually turned out in favor.

I love books and I It is hard to adapt the book so that it is faithful, a little different and just as good as the original. I love books and I think it's a great adaptation.

What more could you want? So I loved seasons and I loved season 4 up till episode Just stop watching after episode 7. The show goes full on woke Uhtred finaly has something good happen to him by becoming the leader of Mercia.

But the feminist writers couldn't have that Instead Uhtred proposes that they give the throne to Lady Aethelflaed and they give her the throne This was like GOT with Sansa all over again..

This woke trash needs to stop destroying my favourite tv shows and movies just to serve the sjw feminist Its so sad cus I was loving season 4 up till this happened.

As a result, season four was poised to be a make or break moment for The Last Kingdom but fortunately the show sticks the landing — with one small wobble.

In a manner quite fitting for its protagonist, The Last Kingdom marches fearlessly into this daunting new era with a fast-paced first act.

At long last, Uhtred decides to return to Bebbanburg, the land that is his birthright, after hearing it has been weakened by persistent attacks from the Scots.

Although less than 10 minutes in length, the sequence is undeniably impressive in its scope and fight choreography, with gripping tension and meaningful consequences felt throughout the rest of the season.

But in the aftermath of this climactic skirmish, the series feels a little less sure of itself as it plots where to go next.

The Last Kingdom has always functioned with multiple antagonists per season, but the transition between them has previously been a lot smoother than what we see here.

Fortunately, the series can ride out this rough patch on the strength of its characters, before pulling together for a strong finale.

Meanwhile, Lady Aelswith struggles to come to terms with losing her influence in the palace, forcing her to confront the questionable decisions she once made.

Eliza Butterworth gives another strong performance in the role, showing a more sympathetic side that really resonates.

Without a doubt, the character that feels most radically changed in the time jump between seasons three and four is Brida Emily Cox. While she has always had a lust for battle and a distaste for Saxons, she is noticeably more cruel and bloodthirsty than before, perhaps due to her continued relationship with the vicious warrior, Cnut.

Now in their teenage years, Young Uhtred Finn Elliot and Stiorra Ruby Hartley are fine additions to the growing lore of the series, challenging their father in distinct ways with their polar opposite paths in life.

Initially, this subplot feels a tad out of place, but both of them find their footing as they become more central to the unfolding story.

If season three felt like a possible ending for The Last Kingdom , season four ushers in a new era for the series that readies it for many more stories.

Uhtred stops Sigefrid from killing Aethelred. Aethelflaed kills Sigefrid. Odda will be put on trial for treachery. Odda takes his own life.

The warlord Sigurd, called Bloodhair, is aided by the seer Skade in his raids in Wessex. Aethelred is expected to do the same.

But it is Aethelflaed that leads the army in its march to meet Alfred. Uhtred encounters Skade who tells him that she has cursed him.

Uhtred tells Alfred, who has settled his camp at Aesceneium Burh Eashine in Wessex, that he was not wise to have left Winchester unprotected.

Alfred rejects his advice. Skade tells Alfred that he will not live to see another summer. Bloodhair comes to Eashine to claim Skade.

When Uhtred returns to Winchester he learns that Gisela has died giving birth to his son. Aethelwold begins conspiring against Uhtred.

Alfred and his clerics confront Uhtred for his action of disinterring Gisela to give her a pagan funeral. He slaps one of the clerics and he dies as a result.

Alfred offers to waive a death penalty in return for pieces of silver and an oath of allegiance to Edward. Uhtred refuses and takes Alfred hostage.

He tells him what he thinks of him, then lets him go and escapes. Alfred condemns him to die. Aethelwold visits Aethelred. He asks Aethelred to help him assume the crown of Wessex when Alfred dies.

In return, he will help Aethelred become king of Mercia. He suggests that Aethelflaed is killed; Aethelred sends Aldhelm to do the deed.

Aethelwold meets with Bloodhair and Haesten and suggests an alliance that includes Ragnar and Uhtred. Aethelwold offers to foment unrest that will aid an uprising.

Uhtred is ailing badly from an injury incurred whilst escaping. Brida imprisons Skade, but tells Uhtred that Skade could help him wield power.

Aldhelm tells Aethelflaed that Aethelred wants her killed and she should flee to safety. He tells her because he is loyal to Mercia and not Aethelred.

She decamps to a nunnery at Wincelcumb. Alfred decides to arrange a marriage for Edward, who is now a teenager. Aelswith wants a betrothal to the daughter of Lord Aethelhelm, the rich and powerful ruler of Wiltunscir.

But Edward has secretly married his sweetheart and is the father of twins. Uhtred has recovered from his injury. Bloodhair, Haesten and Aethelwold arrive at Dunholm.

Ragnar offers him and his men peaceful hospitality. They tell him of their plans. Ragnar contemplates marching with them on Wessex to defeat Alfred.

Uhtred and Skade form an alliance. He has promised to stay with Ragnar, but when Aethelflaed contacts him to help her, he leaves Dunholm.

Ragnar is disgusted and disappointed at this apparent disloyalty. He disowns Uhtred and grants Bloodhair his wish to fight Uhtred to the death for Skade.

Uhtred defeats Bloodhair, but Ragnar stops Uhtred from killing him. Uhtred leaves Dunhom with Skade and his men. Brida promises to kill him.

Ragnar beats Aethelwold for his role in fomenting intrigue and deceit. Haesten, who is now the Earl of Beamfleot and pretending to be an ally of the King, travels to Wessex and tells him that Ragnar, Bloodhair, Aethelwold and Uhtred have formed an alliance and are amassing an army.

He suggests that rather than waiting for an attack on Winchester, Alfred brings his army to meet them. Cnut starts to woo Brida and conspires with Bloodhair against Ragnar.

He dares Aethelwold to kill Ragnar in his sleep, which he does. Aethelwold refuses to give Ragnar his axe when he dies, meaning he cannot enter Valhalla and will spend eternity in Niflheim.

Uhtred arrives at the abbey where Aethelflaed is hiding. Uhtred gives Skade to Haesten instead of Aethelflaed on condition that he retreats from the Abbey.

Cnut assumes leadership of the Danes. He tells Brida of his interest in her. She tells him that she knows that either he or Bloodhair killed Ragnar.

Cnut denies it. She blames Uhtred because he abandoned Ragnar. Uhtred travels to Aylesbury in Mercia with Aethelflaed, where they ask to see the King.

He arranges a Witan. He commutes Uhtred's death sentence because he saved his daughter. He asks Alfred to send 1, men. Alfred rejects his suggestion.

But Edward tells Uhtred that he approves of his plan and will meet him at the forest before Beamfleot with an army.

He convinces Alfred to give him the support he needs. Uhtred lures Haesten and his army from Beamfleot with around 30 men. Haesten is defeated and absconds with Skade.

Aethelwold tells them that the key to their success is killing Uhtred. They send him back to Wessex to raise a Saxon army.

Sihtric is furious and chooses to leave Uhtred and join Cnut. Soon after, Brida kills Storri without breaking his skin and without shedding his blood: by this means she lifts the curse Storri placed on her when she was a young woman.

Uhtred returns to Saltwic and tells his men he has to find Skade. Sihtric is at the camp and tells them that Uhtred is weak in mind and body.

Cnut and Brida join forces. Bloodhair challenges Haesten to a fight to the death. Skade drugs Bloodhair and kills him during the fight.

Edward meets his betrothed, Aelflaed. Aethelwold faces the Witan, but he manages to convince them that he went to the Danes to spy on them.

He tells them that Uhtred is the one that betrayed them and that he told the Danes that he would kill Uhtred and that this is why they let him go.

Uhtred approaches the Danes' camp and meets Sihtric there. Uhtred and he tell the others that Sihtric's departure for the camp was so that he could spy for Uhtred.

Sihtric arranges that Skade meets Uhtred in the night. They escape by boat. Aethelwold has not given up hope of assuming the throne when Alfred dies.

Uhtred, who is still considered an outlaw in Wessex, returns to Coccham after a long absence and finds clerics in residency. He discovers that his children are being raised in Winchester as Christians.

Uhtred drowns Skade, thus lifting the curse she placed on him. Aelswith and Aethelhelm are united in their animosity towards Uhtred.

Alfred wants Uhtred to guide Edward after his death, but will not pardon him before he dies. If he is found on Wessex soil, Uhtred will be executed.

Father Beocca approaches King Alfred and tells him that Uhtred is in the city. Uhtred and Alfred meet in secret and make their peace with one another.

Alfred asks Uhtred to remain in Winchester until Edward is crowned king. He pardons Uhtred without knowing his final decision.

Aethelwold plots have both Alfred and Edward killed so that he can claim the crown. Alfred dies and Aelswith dismisses Father Beocca as advisor to the King.

She replaces him with Bishop Erkenwald. Uhtred is summarily imprisoned. Aethelwold plots with Aethelred to let Edward lead a battle against the Danes resulting in his death in battle.

Uhtred declares that he will follow Edward Rex. Uhtred learns that he is banished from Wessex. Uhtred proposes that the battle takes place in the forest near Bedanford.

Edward sends letters to the Lords of Wessex to request soldiers for his army. Brida knows that Aethelwold killed Ragnar and sends word to Uhtred.

The battle commences. The Danes are defeated. Finan and Osferth, who have been spying on Aelfric, return to Coccham and tell Uhtred of the attacks.

Uhtred plans to strike Bebbanburg before the Scots return and Aelfric has a chance to increases his depleted numbers. He asks Edward for support, but he refuses.

Eardwulf informs Aethelfled, who sees this as an opportunity to conquer East Anglia. To increase his chances of success, he sends monks to Bebbanburg to buy St.

Uhtred plans to use the monks as camouflage to gain entry to Bebbanburg. Edward wants the defences along the Wessex border to be increased nonetheless.

Oswald means he intends to break with Wessex and attempt to restore Mercia to greatness. Lord Aethelhelm advises Edward to ignore her concerns.

Aelfric decides to sell St. Cnut and his army have arrived at Tetsworth in Mercia. Cnut sends his twin boys away with Haesten to keep them safe.

Lady Aelswith visits Edward's first wife, Ecgwynn and her son and expresses remorse for her past behaviour. Uhtred arrives in Bebbanburg and enters the fortress under cover of darkness.

Young Uhtred identifies himself to Aelfric and Uhtred prevents his murder. Uhtred offers to take over the men of Bebbanburg, but they decline due to their loyalty to Wihtgar.

Wihtgar kills Aelfric. Wihtgar shoots his crossbow to kill Young Uhtred. Beocca throws himself in from of the arrow, saves Young Uhtred and dies in the process.

Uhtred and his men escape to their ship. Cnut has invaded Mercia, while Aethelred rampages through East Anglia.

Aethelflaed thinks that no time can be lost and leaves Wessex in secret to summon Mercian fyrds. Aethelhelm advises Edward to sacrifice Mercia in order to rid himself of Aethelred.

Aethelred is camped at Lena in East Anglia and is making progress claiming Viking-held land. Aethelred tells Eardwulf and his sister, Eadith, that he will pardon the disgrace of their family name if Eardwulf ensures that all of East Anglia is conquered.

Uhtred is devastated by the loss of this oldest friend and of Bebbanburg. Uhtred has joined Aethelflaed in Aylesbury. Uhtred throws them the decapitated body of a dead child and they retreat.

Eardwulf realizes he must tell Aethelred of the Viking invasion of Mercia. Eadith sleeps with Aethelred to soften his reaction when he hears the news.

Aethelred blames Eardwulf and promises revenge. He confronts her and she tells him that his men will revile him if he lets Aethelflaed die.

Incensed, Cnut orders his men to march immediately to rescue his remaining son. The Mercian fyrd and the Welsh battle the Danes at Tettenhall.

While Uhtred fights Cnut, Brida hears of his betrayal of Ragnar. She kills him. The Welsh take Brida prisoner. She asks Uhtred to kill her, but he refuses.

Aethelred is gravely ill from injuries sustained in the battle of Tettenhall. Eadith would prefer if they simply abscond.

Eardwulf refuses. Aethelflaed asks Aethelred to find a suitable match for her daughter, Aelfwynn to ensure the succession of the crown.

Edward arrives in Aylesbury with an army. Aethelhelm tries to persuade Edward to assume control of Mercia. Edward considers betrothing Aelfwynn to Eardwulf.

Aethelred tells Eardwulf he will never agree to this. Eardwulf kills Aethelred. Edward tells Eardwulf to confine Aethelflaed until the betrothal is finalised.

Summary: After his noble Saxon parents were killed by the invading Vikings, a young Uhtred Tom Taylor was taken in and raised by the Vikings.

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Recent Episodes. Critic Reviews. Uncle Barky Ed Bark Oct 9, Last Kingdom livens up Saturday nights with Emmy caliber storytelling and oft-sumptuous production values.

Read full review. Dennis Perkins Oct 9, Matt Roush Sep 24, Season 1 Review: This is smart, satisfying entertainment that brings new life to ancient history.

Brian Lowry Oct 7, Nancy DeWolf Smith Oct 9, Season 1 Review: The truthful background of this high-stakes history makes it thrilling on a deeper level.

Ray Rahman Oct 5, Season 1 Review: Shifting allegiances and unpredictable motives are what keeps this sometimes hoary show compelling. Rob Owen Oct 5, It's easier to follow than "Bastard Executioner" and less battle-crazy than "Vikings," occupying a gentler middle ground.

User Score. Write a Review. User Reviews. SeniorG May 8, I love a battle scence so agreed. A charismatic main character, betrayal, family feud, blood shed and epic battles.

I was hooked. What sets this show aside is the talented cast and brilliant writing. The plot is detailed and takes account of each character's development.

It becomes just as much about Lord Uhtred as any other character. In fact, my favourite character changes each time I rewatch.

Incredible soundtrack adds to the joy. I love that Uhtred Ragnarson is brave, a true warrior and head strong but also flawed. The villains you love to hate and throughout the one liners are witty and quick.

Don't miss out. Do yourself a favour - join The Last Kingdom world. So this is how it goes. Season 1. You hang in for a couple of episodes, then you start thinking, wow, this is really good.

Then you think, heck, I might as well move right on to Season 2 and you say, whoa, this is awesome. Script writing, cinematography and actors are all perfectly in sync.

The soundtrack is mesmerizing. There's blood, battles, kings, queens, Saxons, Danes, love, sorrow, humor and lots of The Unexpected.

And history. Real history. David Dawson deserves award after award for his portrayal of King Alfred, Alexander Dreymon, besides being quite breathtakingly hunky, has perfected the conflicted warrior-hero, Harry McIntire - well, you just gotta watch.

The entire cast simply excels at their craft. Netflix signed on for Season 4 - and for good reason. You won't be disappointed with The Last Kingdon.

Destiny is all. Let me just say, I'm not one for writing reviews. What I really appreciate about the movie is the story line. This shows primarily focuses on one character and runs very fluently with his life events.

This was one of the reasons why I couldn't watch Game of Thrones. The books were good tho. Definitely in my top 3 shows.

Most underrated Tv show yaswanthreddy 8 December Binge watched 3 seasons of TLK. Tbh,i thought that this show will be good.

But after some posts in the group, i tried the pilot episode and from there i have binge watched all 3 seasons in just 3 days.

But, it is so realistic and I regret it now. It was the best series i have watched in the recent times. It was fast paced and gripping from the pilot itself.

I haven't felt a single low movement in the whole 3 seasons. Mainly, the strong characterization and the guy who played Uthred Alexander is just perfect for his role.

I like his voice very much. And,the whole cast are good. I loved the relationship between Uthred and Alfred and the way they presented it.

Cinematography and editing can't be better. Season 3 was much better technically when compared to 1 and 2.

Special mention to the Soundtracks of the series. They are so addictive. Still can't get over with those characters and the kingdoms :.

I've heard of the books but have yet to read them. I binged watched the 1st 3 episodes so far, and was surprised that I really liked the adaptation.

I've seen other pieces of this period The Vikings, The Bastard Executioner recently and liked this much more. I'm sort of glad I didn't read the Cornwell's books before seeing the show, as I did with the Outlander Series.

I was constantly comparing the Outlander books to the show and disappointed at times that it was not same as the books which I loved. I'm sure the readers of Bernard Cornwell's books will be doing the same.

However, not knowing the original story, I can just judge the show on what I see presented. So far, I really like the story.

I like the acting all the characters are doing a great job. I very much like Alexander Dreymon's portrayal of Uhtred. He brings the character to life.

His acting makes me root for the character, and makes me want to see him succeed in gaining his land's back. I also liked Emily Cox portrayal of Brida, Uhtred's strength, I'm curious as to why Uhtred let her go back to the Danes when he obviously loves her.

Their story has captured my interest and I'm looking forward to the rest of the episode. My one disappointment, was that I was sorry to see Matthew Macfadyen was only in the 1st episode.

I really like Mathew's acting and would of liked to see more of him. But that being said, the casting is brilliant. All the characters seem to fit my impression of who they should be.

BBC does a great job with its historical dramas. I don't think you can go wrong watching this show. I'm glad I've something else I like now that I have to wait for more of the Outlander series.

This will do nicely. Watch out Sam Heughan, Alexander Dreymon has that same sex appeal. Absolutely loved this series, one of those I looked at beforehand and thought I wouldn't like, it looked like another Game of Thrones themed series, along the same lines as Vikings.

It's a period in history that I know relatively nothing about, so it's an interesting theme for a drama to explore, I can't comment on the accuracy of the series as I don't know enough about it.

The series looks beautiful, the locations used are utterly tremendous, the cinematography was awesome.

Fantastic clothes and make up too. It's fairly violent in parts, but it's there for a reason, it never seems done unnecessarily, it's there to add to the story.

The acting is fantastic, quite a few big names, none of them last too long it seems, how mean to get shot of Matthew Macfadyen, Jason Flemyng and Rutger Hauer after just a single episode.

Alexander Dreymon is absolutely fantastic in the lead role of Uhtred, he's perfect for the part. I am a big fan of the books, so I was worried that this would not work for me.

I am not one of the fan boys who expects the on screen version to word for word and scene for scene mimic the exact story line from the novels, so I wasn't raging around my living room when Uhtred's childhood wasn't given 4 episodes to develop.

I am only two episodes in and it seems tales from uhtred's childhood are being told, but he is witnessing them as a adult instead, and I can see why, with time constraints, this has been done.

If things like this annoy you, then just re read the books, and rant to yourself about how much of a better job you would have done, but nobody would trust you with.

The Last Kingdom Review The Last Kingdom Review Wacken, Würgs… Wie jetzt? Zufalls-Serientipp Serientipp: Ghosted. Alle Trailer. Horizont erweitern. I, however, was utterly blown away by how compelling it is, and by the excellent acting Hearts Spiele all. To avoid the sites of infection they decide to travel on foot to Wenloca. Ragnar is burned alive, Beste Spielothek in Altenbach-Leulitz finden Thyra taken as a slave. I don't think you can go wrong watching Beste Spielothek in Hergersbach finden show. I love this show. Lady Aelswith overcomes her animosity towards Uhtred and asks Alfred to send him to rescue her. She leaves for Eoferwic with her army. Thank you Netflix for Season 3, it's simply outstanding! Eardwulf and Mercian soldiers track down Uhtred and his companions. Young Uhtred identifies himself to Aelfric and Uhtred prevents his murder. Antwort abbrechen. Setzen, Sechs! Büchereulen finden grundsätzlich Kritikpunkte bei Verfilmungen. Dreymon und Cox erweisen sich als ungemein sympathisches, spielerisch prächtig aufgelegtes Duo, das von erfrischend unorthodoxen Dialogen ebenso Beste Spielothek in Oberbalm finden wie von der ungewöhnlichen Figurenkonstellation: Wann schon dürfen Protagonist und Protagonistin einer Abenteuergeschichte schon gemeinsam Actionsequenzen absolvieren und nach getaner Schwertkampfschnetzelei am Lagerfeuer koitieren? Doch dann… Ja, die Angst vor dem Beste Spielothek in Ossenfeld finden kann schon so einiges ändern. Meine absolute Anti-Lieblingsfigur! Dabei wird z. Netflix-Serie «The Last Kingdom»: Season 4 Recap. Nach seinem Rückblick auf die ersten drei Staffeln hat sich Freelancer Christoph die neue. FilmeReviews. · 7. Capelight Pictures haben vor gut zwei Wochen The Last Kingdom Um direkt auf The Last Kingdom – Staffel 3 zu kommen, es ist eine. Reviews. International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product​. In einer von Verrat und Chaos geprägten Zeit wird seine Loyalität erneut auf eine harte Probe gestellt, denn es geht Apk Maker nichts Geringeres als die Zukunft des englischen Volkes. Ich freue mich auf Staffel Fünf. So werden Aelfric und Sven ein wenig zu eindimensional als Schurken hingestellt, und der künftige King Alfred träumt so pathetisch vom geeinten England, dass man der BBC fast patriotische Wallungen Stadium Deutschland muss. Wir lernen Uthred als Vater kennen. Critical Mess — Das war nicht mehr plausibel. Das Ende war ein bisschen abrupt und auch ein bisschen unbefriedigend. Da müssen wir allerdings noch warten. Ja, Magie Forum, minihafte, klitzewinzige Auftrittchen. Alle Kritiken. Wir sind froh über ihren Einzug in Staffel Fünf.

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